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Titop Island

A climb up the few hundred steps to the summit of Titop Island (or Titov in Vietnamese) reveals the most breathtaking view Halong Bay has to offer. Titop is visited by thousands of tourists everyday and with good reason, as for many this is the highlight of their entire Halong Bay experience. This spectacular site features on the majority of itineraries run by Paradise Cruises, and there is always enough time to fully enjoy the view and the beach below.

If you’ve only ever seen one picture of Halong Bay, chances are that it was taken from the top of Titop. The 360-degree views are nothing short of spectacular and a good long while can be spent working your way round viewing Halong Bay from all different angles. It has to be said that the journey to the top is quite a climb, but for those that feel fit enough, it is more than worth the effort. And after the sweaty climb up and down you can indulge in a cooling dip in the Halong Bay waters.

The beach below is the most organized in all of Halong Bay, with deck chairs, cool drinks, souvenirs and fresh water showers on offer. Remember to enjoy the beach after climbing to the summit or you may never make it up! Afterwards you can enjoy views of the island you have conquered while taking a gentle swim in the warm waters Ho Chi Minh himself and Uncle Ho decided to name the island after him to perpetuate the remembrance of this auspicious occasion. Interestingly, Mr. Titov, who became the first person to orbit the earth several times (a total of 17), returned to Halong Bay in 1997 when he wrote “My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island”.


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